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Region Report

Basic Info
Region Name 11q
Chromosome Position chr11:53700000-135006516
#studies (significant/non-significant/trend)  2(1/1/0)

Region related studies (count: 2)
Reference Markers Statistical Values Author Comments Result of Statistical Analysis
Hebebrand J, 2006 D11S4176 LOD score=0.41 LOD score=0.41 identified nominal evidence for linkage identified nominal evidence for linkage Non-significant
Jain, M., 2012 rs677642, rs877137, rs754672, rs965560 G(LPHN3)-G(rs677642, 11q)-G(rs877137, 11q), P-value<0.000005...... G(LPHN3)-G(rs677642, 11q)-G(rs877137, 11q), P-value<0.000005, OR(95%CI)=4.47(2.30-8.69); G(LPHN3)-else(11q), P-value(corrected)<0.005 in the case-control sample; Paisa: P-value=0.0027, OR(95%CI)=3.14(1.49-6.62) for C-GG haplotype; P-value=0.1661, OR(95%CI)=1.46(0.85-2.51) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.0943, OR(95%CI)=0.73(0.51-1.06) for else-GG haplotype; German: P-value=0.0706, OR(95%CI)=1.91(0.95-3.84) for G-GG haplotype, P-value=0.6505, OR(95%CI)=1.11(0.72-1.71) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.0449, OR(95%CI)=0.69(0.48-0.99) for else-GG haplotype; US1: P-value=0.1014, OR(95%CI)=3.1(0.8-1.2) for G-GG haplotype; P-value=0.5955, OR(95%CI)=1.23(0.58-2.59) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.4139, OR(95%CI)=0.77(0.4-1.45) for else-GG haplotype; US2: P-value=0.0432, OR(95%CI)=2.28(1.03-5.08) for G-AG haplotype; P-value=0.2279, OR(95%CI)=0.82(0.59-1.13) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.1306, OR(95%CI)=0.72(0.46-1.13) for else-AG haplotype; meta-analysis: interaction, P-value<0.00001; LPHN3 only, P-value=0.7111, P-value<0.001 for haplotype only. More... We focused on 4q-11q interaction to determine that single-nu...... We focused on 4q-11q interaction to determine that single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) harbored in the LPHN3 gene interact with SNPs spanning the 11q region that contains DRD2 and NCAM1 genes, to double the risk of developing ADHD. More... Significant

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