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Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol DRD2
Approved Name dopamine receptor D2
Location 11q22-q23
Position chr11:113280317-113346001, -
External Links HGNC: 3023
Entrez Gene: 1813
Ensembl: ENSG00000149295
UCSC: uc001poa.3
No. of Studies 10 (significant: 3; non-significant: 7; trend: 0)
Source Literature-origin; Mapped by LD-proxy; Mapped by literature SNP; Mapped by significant region

Gene related studies (count: 10)
Reference Statistical Values/Author Comments Result of Statistical Analysis
Comings DE, 1991 The prevalence of the A1 allele of the Taq I polymorphism of DRD2 was significantly increased in patients with ADHD. Significant
Rowe DC, 1999 They doubt that the DRD2 TaqI polymorphism influences symptoms of ADHD in childhood through their analysis. Non-significant
Nyman ES, 2007 Association was observed in males only for three intronic DRD2 SNPs (rs1079727, rs1079595, rs1124491) and an SNP in the 3'-UTR (rs1800497), the DRD2 Taq1A RFLPThe DRD2 minor allelic haplotype gave evidence of association for males, being risk-conferring. No evidence of association was seen in the complete sample or in females . Significant
Qian Q, 2007 Logistic Regression Analysis: P-value=0.774, OR=1.091, 95%CI=0.600-1.985. No evidence of association was seen. Non-significant
Wang G. X., 2012 SNP rs6275 mapped to this gene showed no association with ADHD in this study. Non-significant
Gizer IR, 2009 The results of the meta-analysis were statistically mixedDue to the magnitude of the observed heterogeneity, it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions regarding the association between childhood ADHD and the polymorphisms/gene. Significant
Kustanovich V, 2004 No evidence for an association was found Non-significant
Kirley A, 2002 No preferential transmission of alleles to ADHD children was observed Non-significant
Brookes K, 2006 UNPHASED TDT P-value=0.0843, global P-value=0.679, WHAP TDT P_sum P-value=0.567, no SNP with nominal P-value<0.05 located in this gene Non-significant
Huang YS, 2003 there was no significant difference in transmission rates between DRD2 TaqI A1 and A2 alleles Non-significant

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