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Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol DRD2
Approved Name dopamine receptor D2
Location 11q22-q23
Position chr11:113280318-113346413, -1
External Links HGNC: 3023
Entrez Gene: 1813
Ensembl: ENSG00000149295
UCSC: uc001poa.4
No. of Studies 10 (significant: 3; non-significant: 7; trend: 0)
Source Literature-origin; Mapped by Literature SNP; Mapped by significant region

Gene related studies (count: 10)
Reference Statistical Values/Author Comments Result of Statistical Analysis
Comings DE, 1991 The prevalence of the A1 allele of the Taq I polymorphism of DRD2 was significantly increased in patients with ADHD. Significant
Gizer IR, 2009 The results of the meta-analysis were statistically mixedDue to the magnitude of the observed heterogeneity, it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions regarding the association between childhood ADHD and the polymorphisms/gene. Significant
Nyman ES, 2007 Association was observed in males only for three intronic DRD2 SNPs (rs1079727, rs1079595, rs1124491) and an SNP in the 3'-UTR (rs1800497), the DRD2 Taq1A RFLPThe DRD2 minor allelic haplotype gave evidence of association for males, being risk-conferring. No evidence of association was seen in the complete sample or in females . Significant
Wang G. X., 2012 SNP rs6275 mapped to this gene showed no association with ADHD in this study. Non-significant
Qian Q, 2007 Logistic Regression Analysis: P-value=0.774, OR=1.091, 95%CI=0.600-1.985. No evidence of association was seen. Non-significant
Rowe DC, 1999 They doubt that the DRD2 TaqI polymorphism influences symptoms of ADHD in childhood through their analysis. Non-significant
Kirley A, 2002 No preferential transmission of alleles to ADHD children was observed Non-significant
Kustanovich V, 2004 No evidence for an association was found Non-significant
Huang YS, 2003 there was no significant difference in transmission rates between DRD2 TaqI A1 and A2 alleles Non-significant
Brookes K, 2006 UNPHASED TDT P-value=0.0843, global P-value=0.679, WHAP TDT P_sum P-value=0.567, no SNP with nominal P-value<0.05 located in this gene Non-significant

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