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Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol COMT
Approved Name catechol-O-methyltransferase
Location 22q11.21
Position chr22:19929130-19957498, +
External Links HGNC: 2228
Entrez Gene: 1312
Ensembl: ENSG00000093010
UCSC: uc002zqu.2
No. of Studies 25 (significant: 5; non-significant: 20; trend: 0)
Source Literature-origin; Mapped by CNV; Mapped by LD-proxy; Mapped by literature SNP

Gene related studies (count: 25)
Reference Statistical Values/Author Comments Result of Statistical Analysis
Hawi, Z., 2012 This gene did not show significant association with ADHD. Non-significant
Wang G. X., 2012 SNP rs4860 mapped to this gene showed no association with ADHD in this study. Non-significant
Payton A, 2001 there was no evidence of preferential transmission of any marker allele for the polymorphism examined in this study Non-significant
Kirley A, 2002 No preferential transmission of alleles to ADHD children was observed Non-significant
Tahir E, 2000 (a) No evidence of association between the COMT polymorphism and ADHD was found. Non-significant
Manor I, 2000 No association was observed between the COMT polymorphism and ADHD (or any of the DSM IV subtypes). Non-significant
Barr CL, 1999 This study did not suggest a role for rs4680 (COMT_Val158Met) in susceptibility for ADHD Non-significant
Hawi Z, 2000 (b) No association between COMT gene polymorphism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in this Irish sample Non-significant
Eisenberg J, 1999 No significant association was observed between COMT genotype and ADHD although there was an excess of the Val/Val genotype: HRR P-value=0.05, X2=5.98, df=2; there was a significant association of the COMT polymorphism and ADHD Significant
Qian Q, 2007 Logistic Regression Analysis: P-value=0.941, OR=0.979, 95%CI=0.566-1.696. No evidence of association was seen. Non-significant
Brookes K, 2006 UNPHASED TDT P-value=0.137, global P-value=0.9, WHAP TDT P_sum P-value=0.752, no SNP with nominal P-value<0.05 located in this gene Non-significant
Cheuk DK, 2006(c) no significant association between the COMT Val158/108Met polymorphism and ADHD was found Non-significant
Jiang SD, 2005 both TDT and HHRR analyses failed to detect preferential transmission of a COMT allele to the ADHD children; the data suggested that there was no association between ADHD and the COMT gene in the Chinese population Non-significant
Bobb AJ, 2005 no polymorphism was associated with ADHD Non-significant
Bellgrove MA, 2005 rs4680 did not show any significant association in the extened family-based sample Non-significant
Turic D, 2005(b) none of the SNPs or haplotypes showed evidence for association with ADHD Non-significant
Qian Q, 2003 there was no overall evidence of association between COMT Val158-Met and DSM-IV ADHD Non-significant
Carpentier, P. J., 2012 No significant association was found. Non-significant
Das M, 2011 minimum UNPHASED P-value=0.71 for haplotype frequencies in the case-control analysis and minimum ETDT P-value=0.47, none of the haplotypes showed any significant association Non-significant
Palmason H, 2010 A allele (Met) of rs4680 was significantly over-transmitted to the children with ADHD Significant
Gizer IR, 2009 The present study does not support a relation between ADHD and this gene. Non-significant
Biederman J, 2008 rs4680 showed overtransmission of the Met (A) allele to male offspring but not to female offspring; the pooled result showed a statistically significant gender effect for Val158Met in ADHD Significant
Halleland H, 2009 haplotype analyses: P-value=0.01 for 'GCGG', P-value=0.07 for 'ATCA', P-value=0.19 for 'ACCG'. One of the haplotype in this gene was associated with higher hyperactivity/impulsivity scores. Significant
Nyman ES, 2007 No evidence of association was seen. Non-significant
Michaelovsky E, 2008 haplotype G-A-A P-value=0.036, OR=3.13, X2 (1)=4.38; haplotype A-G-G P-value=0.006, OR=0.12, X2 (1)=7.71; 8-SNP COMT-ARVCF haplotype G-T-C-A-insC-A-C-T P-value=0.017, OR 7.30, X2 (1)=5.74 ; 8-SNP COMT-ARVCF haplotype A-C-G-G-delC-G-C-T P-value=0.012, OR=0.13, X2 (1)=6.37; associated with ADHD Significant

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