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Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol LPHN3
Symbol Alias KIAA0768, LEC3
Approved Name latrophilin 3
Location 4q13.1
Position chr4:62066976-62944053, 1
External Links HGNC: 20974
Entrez Gene: 23284
UCSC: uc010ihh.3
No. of Studies 4 (significant: 3; non-significant: 0; trend: 1)
Source Literature-origin; Mapped by significant region

Gene related studies (count: 4)
Reference Statistical Values/Author Comments Result of Statistical Analysis
Ribases M, 2011 haplotype T-C-A, P-value=5.1e-05, df=1, OR=2.25; showed additional evidence of association between LPHN3 and combined type ADHD in adulthood Significant
Jain, M., 2012 G(LPHN3)-G(rs677642, 11q)-G(rs877137, 11q), P-value<0.000005, OR(95%CI)=4.47(2.30-8.69); G(LPHN3)-else(11q), P-value(corrected)<0.005 in the case-control sample; Paisa: P-value=0.0027, OR(95%CI)=3.14(1.49-6.62) for C-GG haplotype; P-value=0.1661, OR(95%CI)=1.46(0.85-2.51) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.0943, OR(95%CI)=0.73(0.51-1.06) for else-GG haplotype; German: P-value=0.0706, OR(95%CI)=1.91(0.95-3.84) for G-GG haplotype, P-value=0.6505, OR(95%CI)=1.11(0.72-1.71) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.0449, OR(95%CI)=0.69(0.48-0.99) for else-GG haplotype; US1: P-value=0.1014, OR(95%CI)=3.1(0.8-1.2) for G-GG haplotype; P-value=0.5955, OR(95%CI)=1.23(0.58-2.59) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.4139, OR(95%CI)=0.77(0.4-1.45) for else-GG haplotype; US2: P-value=0.0432, OR(95%CI)=2.28(1.03-5.08) for G-AG haplotype; P-value=0.2279, OR(95%CI)=0.82(0.59-1.13) for G-else haplotype; P-value=0.1306, OR(95%CI)=0.72(0.46-1.13) for else-AG haplotype; meta-analysis: interaction, P-value<0.00001; LPHN3 only, P-value=0.7111, P-value<0.001 for haplotype only. We focused on 4q-11q interaction to determine that single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) harbored in the LPHN3 gene interact with SNPs spanning the 11q region that contains DRD2 and NCAM1 genes, to double the risk of developing ADHD. Significant
Arcos-Burgos M, 2010 3 SNPs were significant after adjusting for multiple tests and 2 SNPs were potentially significant for the expression profile of LPHN3; a genome region harbored in the Latrophilin 3 gene (LPHN3) was discovered and statistical association was confirmed Significant
Domene S, 2011 21 variants were identified, of which 14 have been reported and 7 are novel. These include 5 missense, 8 synonymous, and 8 intronic changes. a LPHN3 common haplotype confers susceptibility to ADHD and predicts effectiveness of stimulant medication. Trend

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