ADHDgene Database
  • Published Variant
  • Published Gene: 359
  • Published Region: 128
  • Pathway by PBA: 8
  • Study: 361

GO Report

Basic Info
ID GO:0006898
Name receptor-mediated endocytosis
Type biological process
No. of Genes in ADHDgene  13
Source Pathway by Database Search

PBA Result (with statistical significance of FDR<0.05)

GO related genes in ADHDgene (count: 13)

Literature-origin genes (count: 4)

Approved Symbol Approved Name Location No. of Studies (significant/non-significant/trend) Evidence[PMID]
LRP1B low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1B 2q21.2 1(0/1/0) TAS[10766186]
ADRB2 adrenoceptor beta 2, surface 5q31-q32 2(1/1/0) IDA[15123695]
DNM1 dynamin 1 9q34 1(0/0/1) IMP[10521508]
ADRB3 adrenoceptor beta 3 8p12 2(0/2/0) IDA[15123695]

Genes from other sources Help (count: 9)

Approved Symbol Approved Name Source Evidence[PMID]
CLTCL1 clathrin, heavy chain-like 1 Mapped by CNV IDA[19509056]
REPS2 RALBP1 associated Eps domain containing 2 Mapped by CNV IEA
STAB2 stabilin 2 Mapped by LD-proxy TAS[12077138]
CUBN cubilin (intrinsic factor-cobalamin receptor) Mapped by CNV NAS[11994745]
FOLR1 folate receptor 1 (adult) Mapped by significant region TAS[9545095]
PICALM phosphatidylinositol binding clathrin assembly protein Mapped by significant region IDA[10436022]; ISS
RABEPK Rab9 effector protein with kelch motifs Mapped by significant region TAS[9230071]
MSR1 macrophage scavenger receptor 1 Mapped by CNV TAS[2251254]
SORL1 sortilin-related receptor, L(DLR class) A repeats containing Mapped by significant region TAS[9157966]