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  • Study: 361

Meta-analysis Report

Basic Info
Reference Maher BS, 200212454525
Citation Maher B. S., Marazita M. L., Ferrell R. E. and Vanyukov M. M. (2002) "Dopamine system genes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a meta-analysis." Psychiatr Genet, 12(4): 207-15.
Study Type Candidate association study
Summary They applied a random-effects model meta-analysis to family-based studies of association between ADHD and the dopamine system genes DRD4, DRD5 and DAT1. A statistical test of heterogeneity was conducted for each group of studies. The meta-analysis of DRD4 included data from 13 studies, with a total of 571 informative meioses. The pooled odds ratio estimate was 1.41, demonstrating positive association. For DRD5, data from five studies, with a total of 340 informative meioses, were combined yielding a pooled odds ratio of 1.57. Eleven studies examining DAT1, with a total of 824 informative meioses, yielded a non-significant pooled odds ratio estimate of 1.27. There was no support of heterogeneity between the studies. Overall, the meta-analyses support the involvement of the dopamine system genes in ADHD liability variation and suggest the need for studies examining interactions between these genes.

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