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Meta-analysis Report

Basic Info
Reference Ouakil DP, 200515722958
Citation Purper-Ouakil D., Wohl M., Mouren M. C., Verpillat P., Ades J. and Gorwood P. (2005) "Meta-analysis of family-based association studies between the dopamine transporter gene and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." Psychiatr Genet, 15(1): 53-9.
Study Type Candidate association study
Summary With an equal number of positive and negative association studies between the 10-repeat of the DAT gene and ADHD, a meta-analysis is required for this other candidate gene. They re-analysed the 13 published family-based association studies between ADHD and the DAT gene. Following recent recommendations, different biases were specifically assessed, such as the sample-size effect and the time effect. The meta-analysis showed no significant association between ADHD and the DAT gene, but an important between-samples heterogeneity. Odds ratios above 1 are mostly observed in studies with a small number of informative transmissions, and decrease with larger sample size. Contrary to what was found for the DRD4 gene, the 10-repeat allele of the DAT gene has at most a minor role in the genetic susceptibility of ADHD. The different biases detected herein probably explain the initial impression of a significant impact of the DAT gene on hyperactivity.

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