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Study Report

Basic Info
Reference Asherson P, 200818180756
Citation Asherson P., Zhou K., Anney R. J., Franke B., Buitelaar J., Ebstein R., Gill M., Altink M., Arnold R., Boer F., Brookes K., Buschgens C., Butler L., Cambell D., Chen W., Christiansen H., Feldman L., Fleischman K., Fliers E., Howe-Forbes R., Goldfarb A., Heise A., Gabriels I., Johansson L., Lubetzki I., Marco R., Medad S., Minderaa R., Mulas F., Muller U., Mulligan A., Neale B., Rijsdijk F., Rabin K., Rommelse N., Sethna V., Sorohan J., Uebel H., Psychogiou L., Weeks A., Barrett R., Xu X., Banaschewski T., Sonuga-Barke E., Eisenberg J., Manor I., Miranda A., Oades R. D., Roeyers H., Rothenberger A., Sergeant J., Steinhausen H. C., Taylor E., Thompson M. and Faraone S. V. (2008) "A high-density SNP linkage scan with 142 combined subtype ADHD sib pairs identifies linkage regions on chromosomes 9 and 16." Mol Psychiatry, 13(5): 514-21.
Study Design affected sib pairs
Study Type Genome-wide linkage study
Sample Size 276 affected siblings
Predominant Ethnicity Caucasian
Population Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
Gender 78.6% male
Age Group Children/Adolescents : mean age 10.6 years (SD=3.1)

Detail Info

Regions reported by this study (count: 9)