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Meta-analysis Report

Basic Info
Reference Ogdie MN, 200616205734
Citation Ogdie M. N., Bakker S. C., Fisher S. E., Francks C., Yang M. H., Cantor R. M., Loo S. K., van der Meulen E., Pearson P., Buitelaar J., Monaco A., Nelson S. F., Sinke R. J. and Smalley S. L. (2006) "Pooled genome-wide linkage data on 424 ADHD ASPs suggests genetic heterogeneity and a common risk locus at 5p13." Mol Psychiatry, 11(1): 5-8.
Study Type Genome-wide linkage study
Summary Genome scan analyses and fine mapping investigations in the UCLA sample support significant linkage in three regions: 6q12 (MLS 3.30), 16p13 (MLS 3.73), and 17p11 (MLS 3.63), while the Utrecht two-stage genome scan supports significant linkage in two regions: 7p13 (MLS 3.04) and 15q15 (MLS 3.54). Both studies had lower linkage signals (1

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